I recently had the opportunity to coach the Scrum of Scrums for 5 Scrum Masters that deliver with their teams a Solution.
A Solution, in my concept, would be the integrated deliverables of 2+ teams. I wrote some ideas in the article Projects with Shared Resources in Agile Teams about how you bring work to people when you have 2+ teams that work together.

The Context was inefficient Scrum of Scrums meeting.

I see Scrum of Scrums as a “Daily” for a System of Teams that delivers a Solution.
Following the Daily approach, Scrum of Scrum should have a similar objective. So, check the progress towards the Goal and identify any impediments that might stop us from reaching it.

My proposal for Scrum of Scrums:

The Scrum of Scrums meeting should have, as participants, Scrum Masters and Technical Experts from the teams.
For starting, the frequency of the meeting should be once a week.
The suggested duration of the meeting is 1 hour for start and make it shorter once you get more disciplined and mature on the process. 
Also, one of the Scrum Masters should have the facilitator role for every Scrum of Scrums meeting.

Regarding the meetings itself, i see some general rules that can make a Scrum of Scrums better:

  • Target of the meeting: focus on identifying/overcoming impediments and on increasing the efficiency of working together
  • Topics for the meeting are prepared in advance – written somewhere and made transparent. The facilitator encourages participants to write their topics in advance.
  • Start the meeting with a short alignment between the Scrum Masters, if any Scrum Master has topics to bring into this session related to the process of working together
  • Continue with technical synchronizations between the Technical Experts, with focus on inter-dependencies on topics like: architectural alignments, continuous deployment, test automation etc.
  • Don’t solve the issues in this meeting, just raise the needs and suggest follow up meetings if needed, to go in details on the topics. The facilitator is responsible to keep the discussions focused towards the target of the meeting.
  • The last 10 minutes should be used to gather feedback from the participants on how to improve this Scrum of Scrums meeting. Continuous Improvement mindset.

What would you add or remove from my proposal? And why?