Agile, as a word, has gone through quite a journey. From novelty, to buzzword, to way of working to priority as the support from the organization continues to raise.

For most of the teams it seems to be quite an understood way of working (even way of thinking for some), but everyone has their own flavor and recipe. 

In the international agile community, in my context , we’ve struggled to identify what makes a mature agile team, so we’ve decided to apply the same principles we teach the rest of the organization, start small. 

What’s the minimum expectation out of the agile way of working? 

I’m not saying this is perfect, but I’m asking you some questions, would you qualify for this?

Agile focuses a lot on collaboration, so we look at team level, not on individuals. The words in the brackets should help describe what we mean, but they’re not all necessary, for example CI* for a team offering services, be creative, what would that mean to you?

CD = Continuous Delivery | CI = Continuous Integration | DOD = Definition of Done | DOR = Definition of Ready

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Did you mark everything? Congrats! You can start going to the next level! Curious to know what that is? Join the 4gileminds community for inspiration.

You missed something? Well, now you know where to focus your improvement efforts.

You didn’t mark something, but still believe you’re doing agile? Try and change our minds in the comment section.

You believe we missed something? What’s your priority?